1. Please Send us your event information to with the following details.

  2. Event Details as listed;
    Event Name
    Event Description
    Event Price (In case Event has several tickets, indicate pricing for each, and when they are to start selling and end, as well as Wave(Group Tickets) and maximum number of tickets to be sold in each category)
    Event date & time
    Event Venue
    Event Owner Name, Phone Number, Email
    Event Schedule

  3. Event Graphics
    Event Poster - Landscape (1200px by 300px, clean banner without writing) & Potrait (1080px by 1080px)

  4. With the information above, We will set up your event under an hour, and share logins to monitor ticket sales.

  5. Incase of any queries, send us an email at or call us at +254 781 380 777